Amy Hoffman on an Amish Scooter

Welcome to Hoffman House,
Home of Amish Scooters

We closed our brick and mortar store in Intercourse, Pennsylvania, and have moved to a strictly online store.

Our Amish Scooters are locally made on an Amish Farm. Amy just convinced them to let her pick her own colors. They are powder coated by a local Mennonite family on their farm.

Our scooters are built with true craftsmanship, and are built to last. They can carry 300 pounds. They come standard with a basket, bell, front and rear brakes, front and rear fenders, and a kickstand.
See where the scooters are made here.
Download the Scooter Flyer here
Please email us for information and sales inquiries at or visit our online store. Thank you!

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