Amy Hoffman - The Boss

Who We Are

After having raised and home-schooled our two boys, Amy decided to go back to work. For a number of years she managed a shop for someone else, but her employer was, to put it euphemistically, an unappreciative psycho. She finally left, and spent about a year preparing to open her own shop. She opened her own shop in 2005. We struggled along, making a bit of money, until the economy crashed. We hung on as long as we could, but ultimately we could not carry on. That and Amy's declining health forced us to close the physical store in the fall of 2011.


We will concentrate on scooters and wagons, and a few other items, as these were Amy's original idea - she worked long and hard to get the family that makes them to agree to all the "fancy" colors.

Not long after we moved here from North Carolina, Amy was involved in a serious car accident. She broke her foot. The next winter our collie pulled her off our porch, breaking the other foot. As a result she does not have the walking stamina she once had, and things like bicycling were not at all fun. She discovered Amish Scooters and decided to start using one of those. When she opened the shop she convinced the family that makes them to let her sell them, AND to let her pick her own colors.


The rest is history......




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